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Market Update: Gold Hits $1800 – What’s Next?

The User's Profile Adam Taggart July 3, 2020
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As we committed to last week, this week’s video focuses on the precious metals and the exceptional performance gold is exhibiting right now after many years of disappointing returns.

Year-to-Date, it’s hard to find an asset class that has performed better than gold and gold mining stocks:

And the reasons for owning gold just keep getting stronger and stronger. As this week’s expert guest Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst at enumerates, all of these gold-friendly trends are solidly in play:

  • record money printing by the central banks
  • negative real interest rates
  • record sovereign deficit spending & debt issuance
  • rising geopolitical tensions
  • dangerously overvalued stock and bond markets
  • covid-19 pandemic continuing health & economic impacts

These are big structural problems that don’t have easy answers. They are highly unlikely to lessen anytime soon, and most (if not all) are more likely to worsen. This is one of the most gold-positive moments in time Jeff has ever seen and he predicts substantially higher prices ahead over the coming few years.

We get deep into the details in the below video. After watching it, be sure to click on these links to download Jeff’s free mining stock guide or to learn more about purchasing and storing bullion via the Hard Assets Alliance:

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