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In 1979, the movie “China Syndrome” starring Jane Fonda and Michael Douglas ignited a firestorm among the general public about the safety of nuclear plants. In the movie, a reporter believes that if a meltdown occurred in a specific fashion, the radioactive material could melt through the Earth’s core all the way to China. Today, it’s a different story. The meltdown we’re facing is coming from China and it’s a hot economic poison that threatens the rest of the world.

But, as always, there is more to it. It’s China compounding the problems already created by our own leaders.

It is a fact and the evidence is clear; the leaders of our various large institutions have utterly and completely failed and even abandoned us.

The CDC failed. The FDA failed. The Federal Reserve has failed. In every case, the pattern is the same – petty if not pathetic self-interest and greed were more important to those entrusted with important public service roles than your life or our future prosperity

So, now it is all laid bare.

A banquet of consequences is on the way and most people are desperately unprepared for the economic pain in our future.

In this special video report, I lay out a string of financial indicators that all point to a very severe impending recession or worse.

Coupled with surprisingly draconian lockdowns in China that have hobbled the economic and exporting heart of their economy, I see a period of very painful stagflation on the way. 

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Zen Moment
Thanks for unpacking all this for us, Chris. You have said recently that perhaps a third of people are clueless and will remain that...
Anonymous Author by mark-will
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