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Kauth & Alowan: Why We Need Each Other

user profile picture Adam Taggart Sep 05, 2016
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Following on our recent podcast with Sebastian Junger about our shared evolutionary programming for tribal living, this week Chris meets with community-building experts Bill Kauth and Zoe Aloman, co-authors of the new book We Need Each Other.

Many readers know that Chris has long found value in his weekly men's group. That group spawned out of the ManKind Project, which Kauth helped found back in the 1980s.

In this week's podcast, Chris, Bill and Zoe discuss the best practices and critical success factors for how to create tribal ties in our own communities. The work is not easy, but nor is it impossible. And it is incredibly rewarding.

For those looking to develop more Social Capital in their lives, this will be a particularly relevant interview to listen to:

The alienation in our culture in general with the way the whole system is designed to keep us away from each other. It is actually designed that way. I do not think deliberately, but it in terms of the kinds of pathological values that too many of us hold, it is almost like it was designed to keep us apart and alienated. We are so swimming against the current in what we are doing. 

I've studied all the research on this. It is the question that people have been asking for years: What is it that you most want in your life? Most everywhere else in the world, they always say love, family, and community. But in America, what do people go for? Money, instead of what they really want. 

One of the big learnings we had was that you cannot call a group together and build a tribe. You actually have to start with one person at a time, which requires a champion or a founder, who then has the values and the structure ready to go, and introduces and invites the next person. Those two invite one more. It sounds slow, but it is actually not that slow. It is very deliberate and it is what works. 

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