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JPY Weakens, Election Rigging, and No More Safe and Effective

It looks like some really crazy things are about to unfold in the Middle East. So says oil. My favorite observation this week? Andrew Bridgen observing that nobody in the UK Parliament is uttering the words “Safe & Effective” any longer. 

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The fix: mental, physical, emotional, vote-casting, and informational health.  If we get that, “they” are toast.  That might take a while, but the effects will be long-lasting.

There was a big break in Crazy-Bibi-land this week.  As many suspected, the IDF had detailed knowledge of the “Hamas” attack 2 weeks ahead of time, and yet did nothing to prevent it.  “Oh sure, we’ll allow hundreds to be killed and kidnapped for” … what, exactly?  Was it all a big distraction away from the government-imposed mass-vax-injury-and-death event?  My speculation: some IDF members finally got fed up, and the document was leaked.  If I’m right about the leak, this would be a temporal marker of confidence collapse within the IDF regarding Crazy-Bibi.  What might the next step be?  Crazy-Bibi will probably double down.  My guess is, he’ll escalate the war with Hezbollah, which will kill off even more little people on both sides.  Will the IDF go along, or will something surprising take place?  Which snowflake will cause the avalanche?  I think it will happen a bit faster this time.

Related: I can’t help but notice that oil had a weekly close above 80.  This hints at – maybe – more conflict coming soon.  For sure “President” (YGL) Zients doesn’t want higher oil prices while he is running for “re-election”, and his polling numbers regarding “Hamas” war (-31%!!) look horrific – but it is really hard for Zients to do anything about that, given the vice-grip that AIPAC has over our “elected” officials.  Rock, meet hard place.


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REPORT: No politician dares to say “safe and effective” anymore in the UK Parliament [June 23, 35s] (source – x/vigilantfox); “MP @ABridgen says, “If they...
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