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It’s Disability Friday, Next Up Is Victory Disease, And It’s Just Time

Why did they go so crazy?   They have won too often, for way too long. Now they have Victory Disease. Meanwhile, their entire narrative is falling apart. Perhaps the “markets” will follow…

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Federal Reserve Officials Warn of Rate Hikes If Inflation Persists: Minutes [July 3] (source – epochtimes); “Federal Reserve officials warned at the June policy meeting that if inflation remained elevated or continued to rise, policymakers might need to raise interest rates, according to minutes from the meeting released on Wednesday.”


My current sense of the Pinkeye Pandemic schedule – I was a bit too early on my prediction last week.  I now see that there are a collection of Pinkeye Conferences scheduled for early October (Event 201 was on August 21, 2019), and that’s maybe not enough time for the “pandemic” to be properly executed in the near term.  At the same time, “they” really could benefit from Pinkeye Lockdowns to drive mail-in ballots, so I’m not sure how these needs will interact.  I’m now thinking the initial Pinkeye chatter was a trial balloon to see if the little cows would start to stampede.  This did not happen.  Still, it did “justify” the mass execution of millions of chickens, in Australia and the US too.  To save grandma chicken, perhaps?

Using Berenson as a marker, it seems as though normie confidence in Mockingbird media may be taking a hit due to the Biden Senility coverup.   How bad?  Ask your normie friends: “did you know Joe was senile?  Do you think the media knew?  Who is really running the country?”  Berenson asks, “what did they [the media] know, and when did they know it?”  The Rasmussen polling data puts the stamp of approval on the Biden Replacement operation.  Post-debate, even the Blue Hats want him gone, 48%/36%.  Of course the Trump people do NOT want Joe to leave; they want Joe to stick around forever.  My guess: “Doctor” Jill and “H” were not part of the Replacement op – just based on their response to the situation.  I am not as sure about Zients et al.   I’m sure “Joe” will get replaced, but how many normies will awaken due to this event?  More than a few, I think.  Even busy friends who don’t generally watch this stuff have asked me WTF is going on.  This is an opportunity. Maybe you can ask your friends the “Rasmussen” questions and see where they are?


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It looks like money is moving back across the pond to Europe.

Had a neighbor who was from (eastern) Europe pull up stakes suddenly and move...
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