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It’s All Part-Time Work, A(nother) New Gold High, & Welcome To ‘Interesting Times’

Underneath Today’s Stellar Jobs Print: It Was Literally ALL Part-Time Jobs (And Illegals). The moves higher in long rates, gold and oil seem to reflect ‘war worries.’ We are living in interesting times.  I believe we all chose to be here at this moment in history. Welcome to this weeks’ comprehensive wrap-up.

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Markets Summarized:

Flight to safety: rallies in gold, silver, the miners.

Recession hints: the “other metals” moved lower, crappy debt broke lower, equities fell, and payrolls was all just about part-time work – which tend to jump higher going into a recession.

War Worries: a move higher in long rates, crude and gasoline rallies.

Silver and the miners are getting some love, because (my guess) Big Money is treating them as a cheaper version of safe-haven gold.


A COVID dividend for me – I now believe that vaxes have been a scam for more than a century.  Children who don’t get vaxxed are much healthier than those who do.  The same is true for dogs and cats.  The Flexner-Oligarchy (see last week’s Market Update for the meaning) wants us all to be chronically (and profitably) sick – and after 100 years of nonstop effort, they got their way.  Sadly for them, Victory Disease encouraged them to force-vax much of the world with their DeathVax, with the unexpected outcome being a lot more “vax hesitancy” and an overall confidence collapse in a reasonably large section of the population – although probably not as much in blue-hat-land due to social pressure.


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I definitely believe we were born at this time for a purpose. For those of us who are “awake” or waking up, we are the...
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