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Interest Rates Higher For Longer, Another Bank Rescue, & The Normie Awakening

I’m calling this “Normie Awakening Week.” And the faster people wake up, the harder the Biden-Handling authoritarians work to create the next fear-inducing crisis. Meanwhile, the economy is stumbling into stagflation, Powell’s statements notwithstanding.

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My conundrum: “they” certainly have things queued up over the next six months.  I feel like I have to walk a tightrope between maintaining my hippocampus (avoiding the effects of fearporn-boosters), while looking to see what is coming next and preparing for it.

Here’s my “queue of events”:

+ Stagflation/Recession – a consequence; starting now
+ H5N1 Bird Flu – fear injection, reduce cows/milk/chickens, lockdowns, mail-in ballots – starting now
+ Bank Failures – Unrealized Losses – depends on the 10-year yield
+ Student/Migrant Riots – fear injection, excuse for National Police/Oligarchy-Gestapo – ramping up
+ Plane Crash – plane models grounded, little-people air-travel lockdowns, fear-of-Boeing – Q3?
+ Escalation – fear injection, money laundering, divide-and-conquer, wag-the-dog – Russia, Iran – mid-stream
+ Biden (Zients) Replacement – disaster if they don’t – Q3
+ Food Riots – fear injection, crop failures, possible starvation, fewer eggs/chickens/cows => eat ze bugz – Q3

Chris did a whole thing on bird flu yesterday (here); my “bird flu” systemic analysis is, “they” will just use this – perhaps like “monkeypox” – to attempt another DeathVax assault on our hippocampus and health, but mostly to create an excuse for killing off a vast number of chickens and cows, pushing mail-in ballots, along with applying yet another fearporn-booster ahead of the “Election”.  Same thing with the possibly-geoengineered crop failures, possible food riots, and the migrants/protesters.

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I have difficulty with this “forgive the Covid Nazis” thing. As for some of my family members, it was the last straw. If...
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