Home Interest Rates Higher For Longer, Euro Confetti, & Mistakes Were Not Made

Interest Rates Higher For Longer, Euro Confetti, & Mistakes Were Not Made

Have we hit peak-psychopathy?  The push for (possibly nuclear) war by the midwit neocons suggests we have a ways to go. But the narrative is definitely breaking down on “them” and not a moment too soon.

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Beneath the Skin of CPI Inflation: A Stunning Outlier Services CPI Drove Down Everything Else [June 15] (source – wolfstreet);

Below is my favorite chart from Wolf.  Notice how “motor vehicle insurance” prices started screaming higher a year after the DeathVax was rolled out in 2021?  Coincidentally, “vaxxidents” were really high during that year.  But this month, “for some reason”, it actually went down.  When there is no penalty for lying, “they” will continue to lie.

Monsters, Spotted: The 229th Evolutionary Lens with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying [June 13, 1hr8m] (source – rumble);

My summary: in the absence of effective regulation, corporations become psychopathic – the result of (corporate) evolutionary biology, rather than a defect of character. I’d call it “Pavlov” vs “tit for tat” vs “forgiving tit for tat.”  Unlike people in a community, where cooperation and mutual value-add are pro-survival, corporations must employ “Pavlov”, or else they get eliminated from the market by other, more psychopathic organizations.  It’s survival of the fittest-corporate-psychopath.  The key part starts @35m.

Mistakes Were NOT Made (Video: Dr. Mike Yeadon) [Jan 2024, 4m] (source – margaretannaalice);

My summary: now that we are seeing bad outcomes, “they” are trying to pretend it was all a big mistake.  Turns out, mistakes were NOT made.  Very compelling video, if you haven’t seen it yet.

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Thanks for this link to the midwesterndoctor substack.
This paragragh left me gobsmacked and horrified at the absolute evil of these people:
“44. The crucial microaggression I...
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