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Inflation Is Hot, A New High for Gold, & Iran’s Test Attack

What does the big collective smash in the metals on Friday (starting at 11:00 Eastern) mean? How about the fact that Bitcoin plunged $6000 as word of Iran’s attack hit the street…what does this mean? All this and more plus your very best weekly news summary on the web!

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Iran’s response this weekend appeared relatively mild.  Armstrong called it a “test attack.”  What happens next?  I’m told that in hand-to-hand combat, you “feint” (jab?) so you can discover what your opponent’s reaction will be.  Perhaps when the Biden-Handlers are distracted by some other event, somewhere else in the world, the real attack will come.  Another question: how bad is the (microclot-caused?) brainfog inside the IDF?  Were they all force-vaxxed-and-boosted too, just like the US service members tragically were by Biden-Handler-Lloyd-Austin?

One interesting tidbit: Chris pointed out (here) that Blessed Bitcoin plunged $6000 as word of Iran’s attack hit the street.  This confirms that Blessed Bitcoin is perceived by Big Money as a risk-on asset – something to be sold during times of uncertainty.  Blessed Bitcoin then bounced back somewhat once “the street” figured out Iran’s response was more mild than anticipated.  If you buy an asset, its probably good to know what sort of asset class it belongs in.

What about gold-n-silver (“they are mine!”) next week?   Does Friday’s move hint at a top?  While I do think Friday’s pump & dump event was probably arranged by the banksters, my guess is, absent a severe geopolitical-drama increase, we could well see a pullback off the highs.   My experimental models are confirming this.  That’s good news, if you are looking to acquire metal ahead of “the real attack” – assuming Armstrong is right about this being a “test.”  I hate buying highs; a correction feels like it might be a better entry point.


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