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I’m Scared…but I’m Hopeful

user profile picture Chris Martenson Jan 22, 2021
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Sorry for the lengthy delay between videos and postings.  But great things are happening behind the scenes.

The pounding, and sawing and scrapes and bonks reverberating throughout the Chris & Evie household the past month have (nearly!) yielded a whole new studio.

This is a good news/bad news situation.  The good news is that you’re going to be hearing more from me.  The bad news is a lot more.

Please help me be as successful as possible in reach as many people as possible by indicating what you’d like to see in our new live cast show that will be firing up in a couple of weeks once we work out all the kinks.

Why a live show?  Because that format is doing really well right now and that means reaching more people.  Because it allows people to interact directly with me and my guests in real time, as it’s happening.  Because it’s a next step in helping us all feel connected across the distances.

Of course it will all be recorded and then playable at any time afterwards, but the show will be launched and on air as a live production.

So anything you have to contribute – topics, guests, themes, wardrobe, length, time of day, etc., – will be welcome.  Some of you have already weighted in to a similar request I made of my subscribers a short while back.

Enjoy!  [Note – it premiers at 7:00 ET Friday, Jan 22nd]

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