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How We’re Personally Preparing Against The Coronavirus

user profile picture Chris Martenson Feb 06, 2020
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Executive Summary

Understanding the motivation of the officials trying to avoid stating a panic
Steps to take BEFORE the coronavirus hits your area
Steps to take AFTER it does
Helpful resources (besides for staying on top of the coronavirus threat

If you have not yet read Part 1: Coronavirus: What We Can Say Publicly & What We Can’t, available free to all readers, please click here to read it first.
Okay, here we are ‘behind the paywall’ where we can loosen the tie a bit and grant ourselves the freedom to speculate and connect dots that might only have a single thread between them.

The truth is: Adam and I are more concerned about this pandemic virus than we have publicly let on.

We’ve both stepped up our own preparations as a result, sincerely hoping these accelerated precautions won’t be needed in the end. I will sheepishly and gladly donate any useful stored food, etc to the homeless shelter if this all blows over as a big nothingburger for my community.

But you know what has me the most concerned right now? It’s the vast gulf between the official statements vs the official actions.

On the one hand, we have a cacophony of the WHO, CDC and equivalent national officials in other countries saying that this isn’t really that big of a deal — that international travel even shouldn’t be limited.

On the other hand, we have emergency airlifts of nationals back to their home countries where they are being quarantined in military facilities.

We’re being told…

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