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Honey Badger Gathering 2022: Community, Education, a Spirit of Renewal

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This past September, the home of Chris and Evie transformed from the spritely-named Honey Badger Farm to a place offering a most unique experience for Peak Prosperity followers and subscribers known as our Tribe.

Technically, the event was billed as a combination seminar, conference, and trade show, with the added twist of onsite camping to get even closer to nature. But, while it had the basic elements of those type of events – opportunities to learn homesteading skills, technology, emotional resilience, and more, plus a few vendors selling their resilience-oriented wares – the element that made it really different was the building of community.

By community, we mean the opportunity to connect and bond with our fellow Tribe members – others who share our way of thinking and living.

As a Peak follower (and employee), we regularly hear the individual stories of members who lost friends or even family just because of their willingness to question the so-called science, question the narrative, to think differently from the general public. Most, if not all of us, have experienced that loss.

It’s heartbreaking, even depressing, to think about all we have gone through just because we value the truth and data and accuracy.

As the Honey Badger Gathering happened, this author witnessed shoulders being lightened, the weight visibly lifted as Tribe members met each other and spoke honestly knowing it would be accepted. True communal connections were real and powerful.

New Yorkers traded tales with those from Florida. Californians lamented with folks from Washington State. The stories and connections too many to recount here.

And while all that was going on everywhere, there was Chris and Evie walking around talking to everyone

Taking selfies with everyone.
They got in the dirt of the potato garden, introduced the pigs and cows, built natural art and worked Chris’ “therapeutic” saw mill with anyone who asked.

But there was more. More than getting our fill of meeting new lifelong friends over meals and in between learning new lifelong skills. Every single night, we got to relax, talk, tell stories and bond by the most glorious fires. With flames leaping into the cold night sky taking with them the negative energies and memories carried here from the recent years in our own personal wilderness.

Each night, we released those bad times, as we embraced our new friends (like-minded brothers and sisters) and created new good times and memories along with a new sense of home, stronger resilience and community.

In the end, we found that one true thing we all were searching for, that one true thing the Honey Badger Gathering offers through community and resilience, that one true thing we will forever fight for.


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Morgan Stewart is the managing editor and director of marketing for Peak Prosperity. He has 30 years experience in marketing and public relations for Fortune 200 corporations, small business and state government, as well as time spent as a journalist. Much of his career was focused on Crisis Management. About the time he started following Peak Prosperity in 2015, he launched Paratus Business News, the only trade publication to cover the business of preparedness, self-reliance, homesteading and survival.