Home Home Sales, Inflation, Benadryl, and The Oligarchy Eat Their Own

Home Sales, Inflation, Benadryl, and The Oligarchy Eat Their Own

The worm has turned. More and more of their efforts are backfiring.  They are using a bunch of old recipes, which have worked for hundreds (thousands?) of years, but we appear to be entering a new world, and Oligarchy hasn’t adjusted.  Is this a good sign, or a bad one?

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  • Durable Goods, Orders (DGORDER): -16B (-5.71%) m/m.  Contraction (projected).
  • Fed Balance Sheet (WALCL): -4B (-0.05%) w/w. Contraction.
  • Total Bank Credit (TOTBKCR): -11B (-0.06%) w/w.  Contraction.
  • Existing Home Sales (SA) (EXHOSLUSM495S): -160k (-4.05% m/m).   New low.
  • 30 Year Mortgage (MORTGAGE30US): 7.29% (-15bp w/w).
  • 10 Year Treasury (DGS10): 4.47% (+3bp w/w).
  • Strategic Petroleum Reserve (WCSSTUS1): unchanged.

The plunge in Existing Home Sales was the big economic news item this week; total number of homes sold (seasonally adjusted) fell to levels last seen in 2009.  The rest of the numbers this week all smell of contraction – both durable goods orders, and credit creation.   Wolf has charts on the housing market (source WolfStreet).

So with all these recessionary-looking numbers, why aren’t we in a recession?  I believe there are several factors at work – one of which is that ongoing multi-generational wealth transfer, from a shocking number of recently dead Americans, to the heirs.  This started in 2020 (“ventilators for all + midazolam + Run Death Is Near + No HCQ/IVM For You!”), continued through 2021 (same, plus “Safe & Effective!”), and (my guess here) this has also occurred during 2022-present.  We will get an update on ACM on the 29th of next week, from our “friends” at the CDC.  Nothing says “Safe & Effective for De Population” like a 3 year drop in life expectency, amirite?  And that’s just 2020-2021.

Why am I suggesting we’ll see another lifespan decline for 2022?  ACM weekly data from CDC suggests excess mortality for 2022 – just using my eyeball and some boxes – although not as bad as in 2021.  You’d think a ‘Safe & Effective’ shot would have dropped De Deaths when De Mandates rolled out in late 2021.  But exactly the opposite happened – ACM increased.

Gold did well this week, rising 29 (+1.46%) to close at 2013.70.  That’s the first weekly close above 2000 in about six months.  Gold’s weekly swing low candle print was bullish, and my trend models have gold in a moderate uptrend.  The banksters generally don’t like to see gold above 2000, so this is bad news for them. 

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One Of Your Best Dave!
I loved this- I sense it too;
I’ve said this before, but the Oligarchy’s ever-more-visible iron-fisted control over both medicine and climate...
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