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Here’s What’s Going To Change After The Midterms

Episode 83 Part 2

user profile picture Chris Martenson Nov 08, 2022
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Three significant lies are part of the huge amount of political and financial capital that has been expended in an attempt to sway the U.S. midterm elections to the incumbents. When those efforts end (or more rightly fail), lots of things will probably change very quickly.

Oil has been overtly and covertly manipulated lower in price by the Biden administration. This will turn out to be a monumentally bad idea both because it drew down important storage buffers to historically low levels, and it inhibited oil investments crimping future supply. I fully expect oil to skyrocket at some point very soon.

But price-supply-demand curves have been busted for copper and silver too. Inventories are shockingly low. Prices aren’t budging. The system is broken on some fundamental level.

The lies about the “strength of the economy” will be revealed as patently fraudulent soon. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has badly mangled the hiring numbers in Biden’s favor, which they will have to remove at some point, hopefully when nobody is looking.

Between the recent wave of layoffs and hiring freezes, and the strong signals from the bond market (via the inverted yield curve), a future U.S. recession is very much in the cards.

Plan accordingly!

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I don’t believe the election results either. And that’s the point. I shouldn’t have to believe them. They should be open, transparent,...
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