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Gold Rallies, The Commercial Real Estate Canary, A Slowing Economy, And Chlorine Dioxide

Gold Rallies to a record weekly close. Along with rallying crude oil may be a signal for something. The economy appears to be slowing down.  When does this turn into “something visibly bad”?  Plus Dave’s usual weekly round of the news that actually matters.

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Perhaps it is just my echo chamber, but it sure seems as though Orange Hitler is crushing Lawfare.  And then there is Malone’s explanation of how Latino voters are worried about the import of cartels & gangs – and how that’s led to the collapse of support for Senile Joe in that group.  And to pile on, RFK Jr is now appearing on the cratering MSM – I saw several interviews.  And of course, RFK Jr sounds well-read and intelligent, which is quite the contrast to “Joe Biden”, who is neither.  And he feels smarter to me than Orange Hitler – who isn’t stupid, but doesn’t have the command of the issues that RFK Jr does.   This, while “Joe Biden” is getting mocked by comics in Italy.

Things are only funny when they’re true.   And we’re only in March!   There are EIGHT MONTHS TO GO before showtime!  Not saying “voting” will solve everything – but 100% “they” would prefer we stay at home.  Will you just “follow orders” and not vote?  I propose we make every effort to make rigging as hard (and as obvious) as possible.  Indirectly, that might cause confidence to collapse.  We just don’t know which snowflake will cause the avalanche.

The whole Chlorine Dioxide storyline reminds me of iodine, methylene blue, ivermectin, HCQ, and vitamin D.   The thing that got my attention: “they” have engaged in a psyop to convince the little people that ClO2 = NaOCl – since long before Orange Hitler talked about it………

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Pro mountain biker, Kyle Warner, calls on Congress to make vaccine injury a priority. (source – react19); a lobbying effort for the vax injured.

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