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Both Gold And Copper Warn: “Crisis!”

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By Chris Martenson
Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

Both Gold And Copper Warn: “Crisis!”

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By Chris Martenson on
Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

Gold has spiked higher in the overnight markets, now above $1535.  Copper continues to weaken.  That combination says that gold is not sniffing out an inflationary burst from some future burst of economic growth. If that were the case, copper wouldn’t be tanking here. Take a peek at these two charts. Let’s your eyes wander from one to the other.   Gold up, copper down.  That’s a sign of financial and/or economic stress, not a sign that rapid global growth is on the way. Comes Failures Coming? Anybody short gold here is eating some losses. The concern here would be

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For me, the bond market is the tell.  All this good news has managed to lift the 10-year yield by a massive +3.7 bp.  Hint: that's not very much. So while ...
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