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From Afghanistan to Wokeistan, Part 2

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This article is a continuation. If you haven’t read Part 1, find it here.

The Case for Dr. Evil

John Michael Greer’s aforementioned essay does much to clarify the incompetence and dysfunction we see unfolding before us using the long contextual lens of history. He even offers hope for us lesser hoi polloi – that the elites are not invulnerable to the vicissitudes of unfolding world events.  However, I believe that in his statement quoted below, where he dismisses out of hand the notion that the “elites planned to impose a “feudal fascist regime on the de-industrial world,” ignores facts very much in evidence.

“One of the persistent tropes in current speculations on the future of our civilization revolves around the notion that the current holders of wealth and influence will entrench themselves even more firmly in their positions as things fall apart. A post here back in 2007 criticized what was then a popular form of that trope, the claim that the elites planned to impose a “feudal-fascist” regime on the deindustrial world. That critique still applies; that said, it’s worth discussing what tends to happen to elite classes in the decline and fall of a civilization and seeing what that has to say about the probable fate of the industrial world’s elite class as our civilization follows the familiar path.”


Leaving aside the probability of their ultimate success, it is clear to anyone paying attention that there is indeed a cohort of transnational elites that are implementing what effectively amounts to a coordinated techno-fascist control agenda.  Given their public rationales, it is clearly in response to and in anticipation of what can best be summed up as: the inevitable and emergent consequences of the limits to growth, i.e., our looming, de-industrial future.

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