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The User's Profile Jeanne May 22, 2021
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Dogma is back…21st century style.

Our national and global health authorities have been playing fast and loose with my, no…with *our*, beloved science.

Science means having an open mind, operating in a collegial fashion, being curious, and daring to be wrong and then change your mind when new facts come in.

Religion demands obedience to a narrative. That’s why I call our current times of medical nihilism as being shot through with scientific religiosity.

People are believing the weirdest things, but then saying there’s something wrong with us for asking questions and making observations (if and when those questions and observations don’t confirm their unscientific views. Time for that to end.

Link to video:

YouTube video


Episode #003

Lab Leak



US Right to Know on Daszak organizing Lancet Article:

Rand Paul Fuachi gain of function testimony:

NIH Daszak/Ecohealth alliance grant:

Lancet Daszak – 100% Natural origin article


CDC – Mortality data


NIH Treatment Guidelines

Vitamin D:



Trial Site news – Kirsh – Evidence for:

Kory et al review article:



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Chris, why didn’t you talk about the PRRA polybasic furin cleavage site? Do you want to mention it here, behind the paywall? If...
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