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Fauci: Lab Data “Worth the Risk” of a Pandemic

Episode 8 Part 2

user profile picture Whitney Jun 08, 2021
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Anthony Fauci
is on record in 2012 as saying that the value of knowledge gained from creating a pandemic virus that escapes from a lab would be worth the risk. Now that it seems highly probable that a lab escape did happen, the virologists who met with Fauci in the early moments of the crisis to discuss — well, we don’t know what — are now supporting a wall of “It Was of Natural Origin!” articles being placed in sympathetic journals and newspapers.  And in Drosten’s case, offering possible natural origins that are so utterly ridiculous as to be of high comedic value.


Drosten crawling cats

Fauci GoF worth the risk

Fauci 2012 paper GoF worth the risk
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Peak Insights Episode 8 Part 2