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Ethan Roland: The 8 Forms of Capital

user profile picture Adam Taggart May 25, 2014
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Building on top of last week's foundational discussion of permaculture, this week's podcast explores how the permaculture approach can be applied to creating value — aka, capital — across the full spectrum of our lives.

Chris sits down with Ethan Roland to discuss the "Eight Forms of Capital" framework he and his partners at Appleseed Permaculture have developed:

It uses the ethos of permaculture (how dynamic systems naturally operate and can work in concert with other systems) to design models for creating prosperity. They key is not to focus on just a single area (e.g., making money), but to work within several areas at once in order to create positive feedback loops that will accelerate and magnify progress to your goals (e.g., developing skills you can apply for the benefit of your community, which in turn leads others to support you professionally as well as provide valuable reciprocal services free-of-charge).

Chris and I consider this framework be quite consistent with the lens we use here at Peak Prosperity, and are finding it a useful tool for categorizing the many topics covered under "building resilience" in a way that's intuitive for many folks to understand.

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