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The Next Economic Downturn Will Be Painful

user profile picture Chris Martenson Mar 30, 2022
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There are numerous indicators that a recession is on the way. Unfortunately, for the Federal Reserve and its slavish devotion to the stock and bond markets it values far more highly than humans, it is committed to a rate hike cycle and balance sheet reductions.

If it veers off of those even before it gets started, then kiss the dollar goodbye. If it veers off after the “markets” all crater into smoking ruins, then that’s bad too for the rest of us.

The Fed put us all in this stupid, completely avoidable bind by failing to show even a hint of spine anywhere along the way. They failed in 1995, then again in 1998, then in 2000 and then in 2008, and then comprehensively ever since 2011, culminating in their final orgy of printing over the past two years.  It’s been always the same response – kick the can down the road, print more, hope that somehow things fix themself (which they never do).

At any rate, combine those errors with the current global realties – supply chain disruptions, manufacturing bottlenecks, limited supplies of some key resources, plus too little oil – and what do you get? A hot mess.

Meanwhile, Russia has been maneuvering for this very moment for a long time. It’s almost as if Putin understands the best way to beat the West is to let the West beat itself. And so, we are.

I still cannot figure out if we are doing this because 100% of the people in leadership positions are completely ignorant about how things really work, or if they are intentionally undermining their own countries on purpose.

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Hi Chris. I just wanted to let you know the things we have done since 2020 because of you. I don’t feel great about everything...
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