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Defeat the Mandates March on D.C.

user profile picture AaronMcKeon Jan 23, 2022
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Washington, D.C. – Thousands of Americans are taking to the street today to protest government, corporate, media and medical/pharmaceutical industry enforced vaccine mandates.

These mandates are forcing people out of jobs, ruining careers, family incomes despite valid personal, medical or religious reasons for exemptions. The mandates also are forcing young children to receive vaccine shots regardless of the science, or the risks.

Peak Prosperity will document the action on the D.C. Mall throughout the day.

Every industry has been damaged by the mandates:retail, restaurants, supply chains, not to mention public safety and hospitals.

YouTube video

“We will be telling our grandchildren stories about what freedom was or what mandates were,” said Sears. “When we’re united, we stand, when we’re divided, we fall. Here we are united out of love. Our event today is not about vaccine or anti-vaccine. It’s not about Republican Democrat. It’s not about one side over the other. That is stooping to a level that keeps us divided.”

“We should not have politicized the response to SARS-CoV-2,” said Dr. Robert Malone.

Thanks Doctor Malone for mentioning Mattias Desmet. In case you missed it, here is Dr. Desmet with Chris.


Vaccine injured and representatives of thousands of vaccine injured from

Robert F.

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Chris, I believe the turnout reflects the effectiveness of censorship, fearmongering, and ultimately disconnection among those of us who support each other in this. ...
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