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Chinese Warning to Americans, Google’s Gemini AI Dilemma

A Chinese Cultural Revolution survivor issues a stark warning to America, and Google’s ‘woke’ AI stirs controversy.

The User's Profile Ivor February 28, 2024
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In a recent interview, Shan Fleet, a Chinese woman who lived through the Cultural Revolution in China, drew parallels between her past experiences and the current socio-political climate in the United States. Fleet recounted the tumultuous period in China, marked by denunciations, struggle sessions, and violence perpetrated by the Red Guards. She detailed how Mao Zedong mobilized the youth in his power struggle against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the subsequent dismantling of the criminal justice system. The Cultural Revolution also saw the systematic destruction of Chinese culture, history, and language. Fleet sees echoes of these events in the United States today, citing the use of critical race theory and identity politics as divisive tools. She expressed her belief that communism has infiltrated American institutions, leading to what she perceives as a communist revolution in the country. Fleet underscored the importance of educating people about the history and horrors of communism and urged Americans to actively resist the perceived destruction of their country.

In the realm of technology, Google’s Gemini AI has come under fire for alleged bias and promoting a so-called ‘woke’ agenda. The director of the DiRAC Institute at the University of Washington, Seattle, expressed dissatisfaction with Google’s handling of the situation. Critics argue that the AI model reflects the values of its creators, prioritizing ideology over facts. This approach has been labeled as socially irresponsible and potentially damaging to Google’s reputation. The launch of Gemini has been fraught with controversy due to the ideology embedded within it, sparking concerns about racism and absurdity. Observers suggest that companies maintaining an apolitical or centrist stance may gain a competitive edge. Google’s apparent shift in focus from its mission statement to ideology could potentially lead to a decline in its search franchise. There are calls for swift action to rectify the issues with Gemini before it inflicts further damage.


Google’s Gemini AI Faces Backlash for Ideological Bias and Inaccuracy

Being apolitical or centrist is becoming a significant competitive advantage for companies.

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Chinese Survivor of Cultural Revolution Draws Startling Parallels to Current US Political Climate

I would say, you understand what’s going on. Only when you understand what’s going on, you can fight back. Otherwise, you can’t fight something you don’t understand. Yes, and it’s not some kind of crazy kind of Democrats that they just do some crazy things. No, this is absolutely a full-blown communist revolution, and the goal is very simple. It’s just one: destroy this country so some people can have total control of power. So it has nothing to do with improving anybody’s life, no. And if you want to save this country and save it for your children and your children’s children, you have to get involved. You have to fight back as your life depends on it.

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