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Cucumbers of Wrath!

user profile picture Chris Martenson Jun 23, 2023
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This installment begins with a tour through defining, if not insane, current events, but it ends with as much positivity as I’ve had of late.

The winds of change are finally upon us.  Good people are in the majority, they haven’t realized that, but increasingly they are figuring this out.

And we are sick and tired of putting up with depravity, corruption, and gaslighting by “experts” who are nothing more than bouncers for the Eyes Wide Shut club.

We win this by pushing for Common Knowledge.  We win by standing up for ourselves and our children and a hopeful future.

And the first step on that path is by “believing the system the first time” and it’s telling us in every possible way that it is an authoritarian dictatorship that wishes to harm us, keep us small, terrified and lonely.

Well, eff that.

I don’t consent.  And neither should you.

We are being fed a daily diet of cucumbers while Team Elite feasts on grapes, all the while telling us that we should consider ourselves lucky to even get cucumbers which might be taken away, unless we consent to cold showers, eating bugs and living off of whatever CBDC scraps we’re eventually allotted (based on our social credit scores). 

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