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Coronavirus: The Media Says “Shoot The Messenger!”

The User's Profile Adam Taggart February 6, 2020
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Last night, Wikipedia deleted its page on Chris Martenson.


They declared him “non-notable” — totally ignoring his scientific publications (Nature), appearances in the mainstream media (e.g, BBC, ABC News, Fox News, PBS Newshour, MarketWatch, Yahoo! Finance), speaking appearances at major universities (like Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, Oxford) and government organizations (the U.N., UK House of Commons, US state legislatures, etc).

This is the visible hand of the media “buzzsaw”. The messengers who are not part of the “establishment” are being shot.

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We’ve been slammed by the major media (Bloomberg, Mother Jones, etc) for our coronavirus coverage even though they are not challenging us on the science we’re presenting. They’re just smearing us for being a competitor, and for refusing to parrot their “all is fine” narrative.

What we don’t get is why folks are maligning us for advising prudent preparation (NOT fear). Advising more people on how to stay out of harm’s way helps everyone — both the officials in charge of the “greater good”, as well as us as individuals. Isn’t that something to be encouraged?

Anyways, new reports suggest that the Wuhan coronavirus remains highly contagious (10 infected, so far, on a single Japanese cruise ship) and we’re seeing more reports of human-to-human transfer where no party had direct exposure with Chinese nationals.

Meanwhile, the markets remain stupidly ignorant. Sure, its part of the “keep everyone calm” campaign, but it’s not smart for you to fall for it. The global economy is getting clobbered and, soon, stocks will have to care about it — and start falling.

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