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Chris’s Talk At The FLCCC – Navigating The Economic Decline

This is my live presentation to an audience in Phoenix AZ about the economy. Paul Kiker was there to assist with the raft of questions that arose.

user profile picture Chris Martenson Feb 06, 2024
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Evie and I went to the FLCCC conference in Phoenix (Feb 2- 5, 2024) and in between my constant duties as emcee for the weekend, I managed to sneak in a breakout session.  I’m so glad I did.

This is that session recorded on my phone (but with a pair of mics so that the sound is pretty good).

A fine man who was deeply conflicted because my session was at the same time that his own daughter was co-presenting along with Pierre Kory really wanted to attend.  I told him that I’d record it and put it up here at Peak Prosperity, and so here it is!  This is for you Mr. Miller!

Co-presenting with me was Paul Kiker who came out to learn more about the FLCCC and the movement it has become, and to meet people.  I have to say, once again, what an honor it is to work with Paul.  There’s just something you can see in how people interact with others and Paul clearly just cares about people and wants to be helpful, and so he connects easily and well.

I just had to say that…back to the story.  This presentation is what I more or less created the morning of its delivery as I thought through the sort of message that might resonate with this crowd.  Paul then jumped in to help answer the more specific financial questions that arose at the end.

As usual, many people came up afterwards complaining they felt like they got clubbed…but you know the drill…it’s just data and common sense.  If there’s different data or interpretations, I am all ears.

So tune in, watch it through, and let us know what you think!


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