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Chris & Evie on the Tucker-Putin Interview

Let’s watch and digest the biggest news event of the year together! The Tucker-Putin interview has already sent the SPR-draining, border migrant invading, Ukraine-funding crowd into a complete tizzy. Maybe we can add to their discomfort…

user profile picture Chris Martenson Feb 08, 2024
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The largest journalism event of the decade is upon us; Tucker Carlson interviews Putin!  First, we’re organizing a watch party here at the site, and then Evie and I are going to livestream reactions and commentary to it.

Even before it has happened, the knuckleheads, statists, and mainstream media that has lied to and gaslit everyone over the past few years is outraged.  I presume this is because they fear that their lies will be exposed.

And let’s not forget the Deep State and even the US State Department.  This is an astonishing thing to hear being said out loud (a priori):


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