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Censorship, Gov Response and MSM support of Trafficking

user profile picture Chris Martenson Jul 09, 2023
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I know this might seem like a short notice but we’ve got a LiveCast coming up at 5pm Eastern. You might be wondering why such a quick turnaround? Well, I’ll tell you, we’ve found that giving too much notice on YouTube can inadvertently trigger the platform’s algorithm, leading to lockdowns and even shadow banning. However, as promised, we have now scheduled July’s Peak Insider Live for 13 July at 7pm eastern. Information on PIL found here.

We’ve got a number of crucial topics lined up for discussion this week. We’ll be diving into the troubling trend of censorship, the government’s less than satisfactory response to the injunction, and the deeply concerning issue of child trafficking and its inexplicable support in certain media circles. While there’s no video below at the moment, rest assured that you will be able to stream the livecast right here, if you so choose. We’re committed to giving you timely, honest content, as raw as it gets. Thank you, and remember, resilience starts with information. See you at the Livecast.



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