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Canadian Truckers Roll!

user profile picture Chris Martenson Feb 01, 2022
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Thank you, people of Canada and the Canadian Truckers! You have given the world hope and ignited the people! You’ve given me hope. For that, I thank you. We all thank you!

The authoritarian narrative of “you must follow our orders!” is falling apart. Feckless leaders of various countries, none more feckless than Justin Trudeau of Canada, are desperately clinging to their failed approach of trying to bully and shame their people into doing whatever it is they tell them to do, logic and evidence be damned.

Omicron has completely shredded what little remained of the tattered vaccine narrative. It’s now obvious that vaccines boost the pace at which omicron spreads. Only a triple boost can temporarily provide some limited benefit. In Israel, even that booster narrative has fallen apart completely as Israel now reports both the highest pace of Covid deaths along side the highest rates of triple jabbed population.

The people have caught on. In the UK, the majority across all ethnicities do not support vaccine mandates. The same is true in Canada.

Meanwhile, in the U.S., the press is either 100% ignoring the Canadian Trucker phenomenon or ridiculing it (but that’s entirely within the left-dominated press). And so, the battle lines are now drawn.

There are those who value freedom and truth, and those who value obedience to central authority and sticking to a failed narrative, no matter how illogical or heartless.

In Part II, I go into why this is a huge predicament and what it means for our future. I mean, if you can’t even get Covid right, how are you going to get even more complicated things right?

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