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Burning the Boats

Chapter 3 Part 2

user profile picture Chris Martenson May 23, 2023
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Can you feel it?

Something wicked this way comes.  That’s the summary of a dozen or so anecdotes I’ve harvested over the past week.  People all over the Western world, and across all sorts of socioeconomic groupings are now on alert to the idea that “something is wrong…”

I track these anecdotes because those are some of the best indicators that the turn is coming soon.

So, please post your anecdotes in the comments below.  I would love to hear them, we all would.

Perhaps these feelings of ‘impending doom’ wouldn’t be so prominent if it weren’t for our so-called leaders and authorities going completely bonkers and proposing truly insane policies.

The Fed is busy talking smack about tightening, but floods the “”markets”” with more cash at the first signs of weakness.

In NY and Germany, insane politicians are busy destroying their energy infrastructure as the first order of business.  Non insane people would propose building first, then dismantling (after proving the build has worked out and is durable and sustainable).

Insane people burn the boats.  This is what NY and Germany have already legislated.  It’s both a figurative and a literal darkness that approaches.

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That talk by Dr. Day is a real barn-burner. I came across about a year ago, and have posted parts of it now and...
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