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user profile picture Adam Taggart Oct 09, 2020
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Whether you understand it or not, Bitcoin and other ‘distributed ledger’ technologies are spreading at an accelerating rate across the world.

Odds are very high they will disrupt and transform nearly every business model in today’s economy, much in the same way the advent of the Internet did.

But most people are still unfamiliar with this new technology, and concerned that their lack of understanding may leave them obsolete dinosaurs in the coming future should crypto indeed change the nature of money and commerce.

This is why we’ve brought on this week’s guest expert, Alex Saunders, respected Bitcoin/blockchain/crypto maven to demystify the topic and explain it all to us in plain layman’s English.

What is it? How does it work? What benefits does it offer? Should you own any? If so, how should you buy it? All these fundamental questions and more are addressed.

We’re tackling this topic now not only because a number of our viewers have been requesting we do so, but also because it dovetails with the insights our previous market and economic guest experts have shared. The world’s fiat monetary systems are being highly abused, deformed and distorted right now, with $trillions in new currency being wantonly conjured at-will by global central banks. This debases the purchasing power of our capital, and leads to dangerous asset price bubbles and reckless malinvestment.

This trajectory will not end well. We need sound money and better models going forward.

Will blockchain-based technologies be part of that solution? Quite possible. Which is why we all should start investing the time to learn at least the basics of them now:

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