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Big Money, Confidence Collapse, & NATO Generals & Bureaucrats Want War

Big money moves in advance. So what are Gold and now Silver telling us? “They” seem pretty desperate – what wouldn’t they do at this point in their desperation?

user profile picture davefairtex May 19, 2024
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The massive copper & silver rally, along with gold’s new highs, has me wondering if money is moving in advance of some sort of (Melinda Gates?) event.  Not financial advice and I have no position.

Perhaps Melinda is giving us a peek into the future, along with a temporal marker.  She gave just under 4 weeks’ notice.  And that was a week ago.

“Money Always Moves In Advance.”

Into silver and copper, it seems.  At least for now.

Eliminating agency is required.  No cows, no chickens, no gardens – just “bio milk” and “cancer meat” and “eat ze bugz.”  This was the plan.  But as Chris says, “they” are getting a bit desperate since people are waking up, likely faster than “they” had planned.  “They” are so panicked, that prime ministers who didn’t kowtow are being “shot suddenly”, and the unelected EU Politburo are worried that the little people might notice this “lone gunman” shooting and draw “the wrong conclusions.”

Boy.  How could this approach fail?  Let me count the ways. #1:  “Streisand Effect.”  One little-people response might be: maximize agency.  Which means cows, chickens, and gardens.  Do exactly what “they” don’t want you to do.  And of course, Doctor Yourself.

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