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America’s Burning Edge With Ann Vandersteel

“Do you want to live in a world that is free?” This is the the topic at the core of this interview. Make no mistake, whether you are paying attention or not, there’s an anti-free agenda well underway and with a head of steam. One that involved the WEF, WHO, UN, NGOs and other groups and individuals dedicated to delivering more chaos.

The User's Profile Chris Martenson March 27, 2024
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Every so often I find myself talking with someone who has as much (or more) context about the world as I do.  And when they say something, you know that every statement has a source.

Ann Vandersteel is exactly that sort of person.

Measured, calm, focused, and on target.

I first met her in person during my trip to Panama with Michael Yon and Bret Weinstein, where we got to really get to know each other during many different moments on the adventure.

I admire her bravery, intelligence and – most of all – her obvious integrity and commitment to the mission.

Which mission is that?  Being a force for good in a world where evil has made its presence known.

I think you’re going to really enjoy this conversation!


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