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This is the worst currency crisis and inflationary environment of most people’s lifetimes, but this time in multiple areas at the same time. We could be facing a Peso crisis in Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Argentina all at once. Along with a Yen and an Asian currency crisis at the same time. Oh, and a Euro crisis in parallel.

The recent strength in the U.S. Dollar is signaling this strongly.

As if that’s not enough, Europe placed itself squarely in the crosshairs of the MOST ill-advised (and avoidable) energy crisis ever.

China’s housing bubble is busy imploding too, and all the feckless leaders in the U.S. and Europe are capable of is concocting silly distractions, meaningless ESG and Woke diversions, and supremely ill-advised interventions in the oil and other commodity markets.

When reality comes roaring home, their response is to double down on narrative control.

Okay, so all of this lands in a major currency, financial and economic crisis. What do we do with this information?

Well, here’s where I do put on my prediction hat and advise you to buy whatever you need or want as soon as you can.

All of this ends up in massive supply chain shocks that will make anything up to this point seem insignificant. Just taking out 20% of Germany’s production capacity (which seems quite likely at this point) will have unknowable impacts on supply chains. At least in the details.

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