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Will It Be War, Famine, Or Disease?

You can feel it all speeding up and sliding toward some conclusions, can’t you? It’s difficult to choose among the many sub-crises that make up the polycrisis we’re in, but for my money the biggest threat will come from famine as ‘they’ accidentally break the complex system that keeps the shelves fully stocked.

user profile picture Chris Martenson May 31, 2024
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All the Trump verdict really did was move out into the open light of day the sort of weaponization of the justice system that Team Biden has been conducting since practically the first day in office.

The J6 “protesters” were set up and had the full weight of a remorseless DOJ and FBI set upon them, while very prominent people who merely dared to question the 2020 election results were charged with felonies in Georgia and Arizona.

The point of these high and low-profile lawfare actions is to scare the monkeys.  You’re a monkey.  Trump was the chicken, in the Chinese parable.  When the monkeys start acting up, you kill a chicken in front of them to remind them of your power and get the monkeys back in line.

But here’s the problem.  (More for subscribers…)

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But here’s the problem. All of the people wielding all this power don’t actually have a clue about how the real world actually works....
Anonymous Author by permiegirl
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