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Why The Time To Prepare For The Coronavirus Is *NOW*

user profile picture Adam Taggart Feb 04, 2020
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With over 20,000 people now confirmed infected, the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak continues increasing at (or very close to) an exponential rate.

And that’s based on official data from the Chinese. There are many reasons to suspect those numbers are low vs reality — possibly much lower…

As Chris explains, even though we’ll have a lot more clarity on the coronavirus within two weeks, why wait until then to take action? The time to make your preparations for the pandemic arriving in your community is NOW.

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Because the downside to preparing early is very low.

What’s the worst that could happen if you deepen your pantry now and turn out not to need it? You simply eat the excess food over time. Or you can donate it.

In contrast, the downside to preaparing late is extremely high.

The imperfect data we do have is extremely concerning. If more clarity with time confirms the threat, *everyone* will be rushing to grab the same supplies (think shortages, hoarding, fights, panic, etc).

Why risk your health and that of your family?

Stock up now.

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