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Why The Fed Will Fail

The User's Profile Chris Martenson October 18, 2019
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Executive Summary

  • Why we know that something really BIG has the Fed freaking out
  • Why the risk of systemic breakdown is uncomfortably high
  • The key charts that tell the tale: recession ahead!
  • Why, this time, the Fed will fail

If you have not yet read Part 1: The Fed Is Lying To Us , available free to all readers, please click here to read it first.

Full confession: I never thought that “they” would be able to perpetuate these many frauds and gimmicks for this long. I thought for sure that smart, intelligent people would see through it all.

Some of them did  and continued to play the game anyways, accruing large portfolios or buying bug-out locations in New Zealand.

But most did not. Most bought into the narratives being peddled, no matter how ludicrous or unbelievable. They wanted to believe and so they did.

So here we are. A full decade after the Great Financial Crisis, and we’re still being subjected to stealth bailout after stealth bailout without anybody at any central bank ever articulating what either the goals or the exit strategies are.

Just more of the same. As if that were some sort of wise strategy.

We all know it ends at some point. We all know that the sorts of future growth required to justify any of the monetary printing aren’t going to happen. The oil simply isn’t there. The massive amount of capital and resources required to transition seamlessly to an alt-energy future just aren’t there.

Like a movie so bad it time-warps around to become good again, the only positive I can see in the complete failure of imagination on display is that it’s as close to 100% as can be. So perhaps we’re due for a return to rational thinking sometime soon. At least, that’s my wish.

The End Approaches

There are lots of reasons to suspect that the end to the print-n-prop (or extend-and-pretend) activities is upon us.

Perhaps that’s wishful thinking on my part, and there’s some of that there to be sure, but there’s also a lot of data that says, “something’s up!”

Can ‘they’ pull another rabbit out of the hat?

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The US can always turn Japanese. They have been printing and running up government debt and deficits for a long time. I don’t see why...
Anonymous Author by cowtown2011