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Why So Little Media Interest In Ralph Baric?

“Their” Covid narrative is falling apart, and we’re helping of course. Far too little attention has been paid to Ralph Baric by the media and given his expertise in the area, it’s particularly odd that they did not ask him once about coronavirus infections and cardiomyopathy. Oh, … and the next acts of war against Russia were unleashed this week.

The User's Profile Chris Martenson June 14, 2024
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This is like The Case Of The Dog That Did Not Bark, a Sherlock Holmes mystery.  In that story, the main clue was that the dog in the house did not bark, indicating familiarity with the perpetrator of the crime.

In our case, we have to wonder why the media has spent no time interviewing Ralph Baric about his world-leading knowledge about the effect of coronavirus infections on heart tissue.  Specifically, starting in the 1980’s Ralph Baric was busy investigating myocarditis in rabbit models due to coronavirus infections.

He’s undisputably the world-leading expert on the subject.  So why can’t I find a single MSM news article about that?  Why no questions of Ralph?  Not one journalist thought to ask the most prominent expert even a solitary question?  While young people are dying of heart attacks at 30% higher rates?

Equally bad, it’s easy to dig up papers where Ralph and his crew have known for a long, long time that zinc is a very effective disrupter of SARS replication (the classic SARS from 2003, that is).  Especially in the presence of a zinc ionophore.  There’s every reason to suspect that giving cheap and extremely safe zinc as both a prophylactic and a treatment would have been effective.

Well, shouldn’t he have been shouting that from rooftops?  Shouldn’t there be at least one MSM article about that curious fact?


Nothing but chirping crickets, which is the case of the dog that did not bark. 

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