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Why I’m Ramping Up My Coronavirus Preparations

user profile picture Chris Martenson Feb 20, 2020
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I am putting nearly all of my best work out in public because Adam and I know that’s the right thing to do.

And there are things that we cannot put out in public for a wide variety of reasons.

As with The Crash Course, the public model is to “lead the horses to water” and leave it up to them how much to drink, if any.

Much to our delight, over the years, we’ve been astonished at how many people drank deeply, and made huge changes in their lives.

So let’s fill in some of the blanks as we read between the publicly-drawn lines.

In yesterday’s video (Coronavirus Infections Outside Of China Are Growing Exponentially) from Feb 19th, 2020, I put out the science behind why a second exposure may be worse than the first. That’s anything but proven at this point, but the fact that both SARS and MERS are that way, and given the high degree of sequence homology between both of those and COVID-19 we’re just going to have to guess that a second exposure to COVID-19 is worth avoiding.

So much so that I’ve made the personal decision that I’m not going to get it the first time around. Mostly to avoid being at risk of getting it a second time.

That’s a calculation based on the currently available data, which, admittedly, involves making a number of assumptions and a couple of educated leaps.

I’m uncomfortable speculating in public because I’d be crucified by those who are seeking to only promote the official narrative (for whatever emotional, career, or social reasons).

Here’s my primary personal strategy when it comes to the coronavirus (aka covid-19): Don’t get infected!

Not until a truly effective vaccine is ready and I’ve gotten it. That’s going to be up to 18 months from now, possibly longer.

This means I have to be ready to self-distance from other people for that entire time. It means I have to be mentally and financially ready to isolate at home for a very long time, if necessary. For much longer than I was actually prepared for when all this erupted last month.

So, over the past few weeks I have:

  • Bought vegetable garden seeds
  • Bought plenty of face masks, gloves, and coverall gowns.

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I am personally adding liposomal glutathione. Seems to be beneficial for viral replication. Would be great to have a hyperbaric chamber, but can’t...
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