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One Chart Says It All

Original Content
By Chris Martenson
July 5, 2022

One Chart Says It All

Original Content
By Chris Martenson on
July 5, 2022

Note:  This is the first half of a talk I presented at the recent Rebel Capitalist conference in Miami (June 24/25, 2022). The conference was amazing and this talk was very well received by the audience. I highly encourage anybody interested in economics, investing and/or finance to attend future Rebel Capitalist events! The second half is reserved for paying members.

If you understand energy, and its foundational and irreplaceble role in the economy, then you understand something most people don’t get. I’m not sure why this blindness to the importance of energy exists, but it is as mysterious as it is widespread. Perhaps, the implications are just too profound for many people to really entertain?

After all, if energy is that important, and it’s now winding down (meaning there is less of it), what does that mean for the long march of human progress and  what the future might hold? At a minimum, it means that things simply won’t carry on as they have been. No more endless growth. No more increasingly complex systems; heck we’ll be lucky to simply keep what we’ve got now operating and properly maintained.

It all comes down to the amount of oil that’s available because oil is the KING of all energy sources. And the king is weak and fading…it’s entirely possible that we’ll never again see as much oil come out of the ground as we did back in 2018. That might have been the actual peak…

There are warning signs everywhere that oil supplies are extremely tight and spare capacity simply doesn’t exist at the moment. Someday oil will forever be in the rearview mirror and this is why an economic collapse is inevitable.

Please, take the time to learn this data and ponder not just what it means to the world, but to yourselves and your loved ones.

In the second part of this video for subscribers, I unpack both the complexity of the oil business and its relationship to our economy, but also something called “the credit impulse” which is flashing a strong recession (depression?) warning signal.

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