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Where Do We Go From Here?

user profile picture Chris Martenson Sep 02, 2021
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This video is a continuation. If you haven’t watched Part 1, find it here.

As has been happening a lot lately, I am having difficulty making sense of recent events through any traditional lenses.  Obviously, none of this is about actual public health.  Certain areas like Canada and Australia are busy speeding towards fully authoritarian outcomes.  But what is it about?  We need to talk about that.  The good news?  There’s a strong resistance building to counter the headlong rush into medical and intellectual nihilism.

In Part II I also recount actual harms from the vaccines as well as the currrent protocl in use by world-leading clinicians to limit (if not eliminate according to them) the worst of vaccine harm.

Further in Part II some really awful studies that purport to show vaccine safety are taken apart.  Not that deeply becuyase they don’t deserve it, but just enough to show what frauds they are.

This is it folks.  It’s time.  This is for all the marbles.  United we stand, divided we fall.


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Rochelle Walensky Says “99.5%”


CDC study showing 23% of June hospital admissions are vaccinated


Horowitz story about CDC June data


Crappy NEJM “study” on vaccine injuries that excludes death & women’s menstrual dysregulation


Ioannidis Study on IFR by age


Mortality risk of Covid by age compared to other hazards


Nudge theory articles


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And please keep swearing. Hard times call for furious dancing and verbal emphasis:)
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