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Shift Happens! When?  In 2025

Chapter 5 Part 2

The User's Profile Chris Martenson June 9, 2023
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In this report, I make the case that we’ve really only got until 2025 before the economy and all things financial take a turn for the worse.

The impossibility of constantly doubling and redoubling debt levels lays bare the fact that sooner or later this unsustainable practice comes to an end.  Perhaps a crashing end.

But it’s also unmistakably clear that the powers that be are going to do everything they can to kick the can as far down the road as possible.  If they have some sort of a plan for that end-of-road moment, they haven’t shared it with us.  Beyond it involving some sort of “Great Reset” that is.

Given this, we know that there will have to be some sort of “forcing function” imposed upon these can-kickers to enter the next and final inning of that game.

My preferred forcing function is oil.  The reason I pick 2025 is that the US will have no choice but to acknowledge that its last and only remaining shale basin capable of growth (the Permian) has entered its downslope of production.

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All because we somehow lost the ability to plan ahead.
I’m curious, what level of organization had to exist in 27 BC to figure out how...
Anonymous Author by cmartenson
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