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When Does The SHTF?

Episode 108 Part 2

user profile picture Chris Martenson Apr 18, 2023
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In this special report, I go through my logic for why 2025 is the true beginning of the end.  Things could always progress a little faster, or slower, but for the first time in my lifetime, geology and physics are about to take the front seat.

It all begins with China’s clear-eyed and sensible and detailed approach to having an energy policy.  The Chinese ‘get it.’  They understand that energy is the bedrock of all progress and development.  They are not confused by gender politics or ESG policies that are only good at virtue signaling.

Once you see the sweep of China’s complex and detailed approach to energy systems and win-win diplomacy, and then contrast it with the US’s own directly opposite approach to both, it becomes clear that the US is banking on one thing; that the shale miracle lasts forever.

This is beyond naïve and unsophisticated.  It’s harmfully ignorant.  From draining the SPR to angering and/or alienating the top two remaining oil exporters, the US is way behind the curve.

When we take a detailed look at the US shale plays it’s now really down to one basin, the Permian.  That is a true gift and a monster, but its peak is now in sight.  When?  2025.
That’s when the shit will hit the fan, give or take.

Use this time wisely!

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