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What Is Even Worth Saving?

Name me an institution that is not comprehensively failing their stated mission? Harvard and education? The DoD and actual national security? The Fed and a functional monetary system? Congress and serving the people? How about the FDA and the objective fact that the population it allegedly serves has never been less nutritionally healthy or suffering from more self-inflicted pharmaceutical harms?

user profile picture Chris Martenson Apr 01, 2024
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If You Could Save The System, Would You?

This scouting report touches on the Biden Handlers decision to use Easter Sunday as the logical time to announce their strong support for Transgender Day of Awareness, and reiterate their proud support of men daring to put their sexual fetish fixations on public display.

If you think that’s strong language, then you should really hear what Jordan Peterson and Michael Shellenberger have to say in this powerful interview that has somehow managed to remain on YouTube for at least 4 days.


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Stephen Ross:
We need to find a “safer” place to be while this collapse is taking place. With great sadness I have to say, I doubt...
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