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Was Another Taxpayer Bailout of Banks Just Announced?

The US government needs to borrow another $2 trillion (or more) in 2024, but has just announced they will be buying their own debt back in 2024. What’s the real story here?

user profile picture Chris Martenson Sep 29, 2023
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Finance U with Paul Kiker 9-29-23

In this episode of Finance University Pual and I discuss the recent Honey Badger Gathering, as well as the extreme gaslighting by the US Treasury Department which is planning to buy back(!) Treasuries in order to “reduce volatility in their cash balances.”


The US government is going to have to borrow $2 trillion in 2024, but they’ve got the audacity to explain they are going to buy back their own Treasury paper to help “reduce volatility in their cash balances.”

This would be like a coke-head selling off parts of their last gram of coke to help “reduce volatility of their supply.”

Clearly, the explanation is complete garbage and total gaslighting, so what is the program all about?  My money says it’s another taxpayer-funded bailout of banks and Wall Street.  Tune in to hear the details…

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