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Voting (Lack of) Integrity: The Court Case That Proves The Rigging

A recent court case proved that the voting machines used in the key swing states are easily hacked into and vote totals can be flipped by even low-level workers in a matter of seconds or a few minutes. Ergo, that’s happened. Neither party says anything about this, which is a message unto itself. The deep state fears this information based on how little it’s talked about and how quick the censors and bots are to attack anyone talking about the obvious deficiencies.

user profile picture Chris Martenson Jan 29, 2024
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One of the most sure-fire ways to get a YouTube strike, or to be attacked by a bot swarm on Twitter, is to post any doubts about the integrity of US voting machines.

This tells us two things:

“They” are sensitive about this topic and we’re therefore over the target
This is something we really should examine carefully

Recently there was a court case in GA where the most astonishing of things happened…which was dutifully ignored by the mainstream press as hard as they possibly could:
Computer expert hacks Dominion Voting Machine in front of judge, changes votes with Bic pen

In a recent Georgia trial, an expert in voting systems testified that Dominion Voting Systems machines were alarmingly susceptible to hacking. According to coverage by Law360 Pulse, the expert, Professor J. Alex Halderman from the University of Michigan, demonstrated how he could use a Bic pen and a smart card to easily copy, edit, and change votes within seconds.

This testimony took place in an Atlanta trial related to a case filed in 2017 against the state of Georgia. The Coalition for Good Governance, a liberal activist group, originally filed the suit, asserting that the state’s use of touch-screen computers for voting, without a verifiable print ballot, made the voting counts vulnerable to manipulation.

(Source – the web page of an Orlando FL talk radio station – LOL)
A Bic pen!!

This was the same computer expert whose affidavit we featured back in June of 2023 in which he and his assistant found 7 critical vulnerabilities in…

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