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VIDEO: Personal Safety & Home Security (PP Seminar)

user profile picture Chris Martenson May 30, 2020
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Here’s the full 48-minute presentation from PP member Tom C. on Personal Safety and Home Security:

If you enjoyed this material, it’s just one of more than 16 hours of value-rich insights from Peak Prosperity’s 2019 seminar.

Similar footage is available from the same seminar on other topics including the economy, home energy, fitness, no-till farming/gardening, goal-setting, emergency preparedness, emotional resilience and real estate investing.

The full playlist from the event has been available to purchase for the past several months, but during the covid-19 lockdown, we’re making it available to you at a 50% discount to its regular $295 price. That’s $147.50.

If you’re interested in purchasing the full playlist at this heavily-discounted rate (it’s great viewing while you’re stuck at home), click the blue button below and enter the promo code 2019Seminar50:

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Stay safe!

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