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Vaccine Injuries and Our “Leaders”

Peak Insiders
By Chris Martenson
August 17, 2022

Vaccine Injuries and Our “Leaders”

Peak Insiders
By Chris Martenson on
August 17, 2022

Hey, I’m supposed to be on vacation. Actually, I’m supposed to be writing my book, so I was taking a little downtime, but things keep coming up that I just wanted to make sure that I am just can take a few minutes and record this real quick, because as I’m writing my book, things are popping out. Today…Tough subject. I want to talk to you about these tragic cases of vaccine injuries that we’re seeing here, and that we have medical leaders in Australia as well as folks like California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom and TV star Jimmy Kimmel leading

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Nothing I post on vaccines on fb is seen by anybody anymore. Even when I avoid keywords. It started as my circle of medical friends (mostly docs and nurses) disconnected ...
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