Home US Missiles Kill Russian Children At The Beach, Israel Targets Lebanon

US Missiles Kill Russian Children At The Beach, Israel Targets Lebanon

Poke, Poke, Poke!! The US is poking Russia, hard and repeatedly, and Israel is about to kick things off with Lebanon. It’s completely clear what is happening; the Deep-State wants more war, and they will draft you or your children as soon as things get underway.

The User's Profile Chris Martenson June 24, 2024
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Recent attacks by “Ukraine” using US-supplied long-range missiles, using US targeting assistance, and using US satellite guidance are obviously designed to goad Russia into some sort of a reaction.

Remember, for the collectivists in power (currently) the reaction is the target.  In this case, they are clearly seeking some sort of overreaction from Russia that they can then use as a “reason” to get the war kicked off.  Certainly, if Russia actively targeted US citizens or soldiers anywhere, that would be sufficient to get things going.

Naturally, the Neocons and Zionists never imagine anything but flowers and adoring crowds when then fantasize about how the next war is going to turn out.  Never mind the fact that their history is an unbroken trail of wreckage, none of it beneficial to anybody except themselves (and their bank accounts).

The time has come my friends. Let’s be clear about this…you have to choose which team you are on.  Bystanding won’t be allowed.  Are you for the good guys or the evil team?

That’s what’s really playing out right now, and far too many people have chosen to be on the bad side.

It’s easy to detect them; they are for damaging children.  They like to traffic children, sexually abuse children, malnourish children with horrifically bad school lunches, and shoot them up with lifetime damaging aluminum salts as part of their evil vaccination schemes.

And they are for ruinous industrial agriculture programs and dead-set against regenerative farming and small farms.

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