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Two Weeks to Go

user profile picture Adam Taggart Apr 12, 2014
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There are just two weeks left to go until the only Peak Prosperity seminar being offered in 2014. 

This seminar weekend is going to be especially important. After 2+ long years of fabricated tranquility (the best market levitation $4 trillion can buy!), we are finally seeing the indicators that the central planners are starting to lose control of the system.

In other words: Reality is about to return from her forced exile. And she's not happy.

So there's an awful lot of new information and personal action we all need to process and prioritize.

Compared to past seminars, here are some of the new elements this year's weekend at Rowe will contain:

  • Updates and new developments Chris predicts are in store over the coming 24 months
  • Understanding the dynamics of the coming Great Wealth Transfer & how to position for it
  • Guidance for investing locally vs Wall Street
  • Identifying your value, community-wise and commercially
  • More specifics on physical preparation (skills to develop, gear to procure, etc)
  • Hard-hitting emotional preparedness exercises (are you — or your partner — on secure enough footing?)
  • More open Q&A time with Chris, Becca, Adam — and James Howard Kunstler, who will be dropping in on the seminar
  • Advanced access to the new "Accelerated" Crash Course video

Every year we do our best to improve the curriculum, and we're especially excited about this year's. With an over-abundance of new content, new insights on how to present material for optimal retention, special 'celebrity' participants, and real momentum finally building in the macro environment — we feel comfortable predicting this will be our most directive and valuable seminar yet. And as past participants can attest to — that's a pretty high bar!

We're also very pleased with the mix of new and returning folks already signed up this year. As we always say, the biggest value from this weekend are the relationships with other concerned, conscientious individuals of like mind and goodwill that you will make here. This year's pool of participants looks stellar. Why not join it?

If you've got the availability and interest, come join us at Rowe in 2 weeks. Click here to learn more, or register using the button below.

It's our favorite weekend of the year, and we're pretty sure it will be one of yours, too.

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